Center for Biblical Counseling Europe

The Center for Biblical Counseling Europe (CBCE) is dedicated to offer Biblical wisdom to people in need and to help others do the same. The goal of CBCE is to make Biblical counseling more known in Europe and to grow the amount of people that offer biblical support to others.

As Christians we all offer counseling to struggling brothers and sisters, and often also to non-believers. When we disciple, encourage or support others, we have to ask ourselves the question whether our counsel is wise and based on God’s Word. Biblical counseling is not limited to dedicated (professional) Biblical counselors. A deeper understanding of Biblical counseling is also necessary in pastoral care, in discipleship, small groups and the body of the church at large.

The Center for Biblical Counseling Europe intends to offer the following services:

  • Biblical Counseling sessions: 1-on-1 sessions for people in mental, emotional or spiritual need, given by certified Biblical Counselors (both offline and online)
  • Training in Biblical counseling (for EU-based Christians):
    • Workshops & intensives (virtual and live)
    • Yearly conference (virtual and live)
    • Year-program Biblical Counseling (level 1 & 2) to become an ABC©-certified Biblical Counselor or for the enrichment of your pastoral care (virtual and live)
  • Study center: library and information hub

Workshops, intensives and a yearly conference will be offered in collaboration with trainers and counseling professionals from all around the world.

The year-program Biblical Counseling (level 1 & 2) will be offered online in collaboration with R3stored and the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC).

Lord willing, an European training program will start in 2024. More information to follow.